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Our Virginia Internet Attorneys provide a full range of legal services and representation to website owners, including the preparation of user agreements for their websites, privacy policies, and the like. Our firm is dedicated to providing cost-effective, expediious representation to its clients.

User agreements can be used to create legally binding promises.  The specific duties and obligations of each party can be detailed in the user agreement.  These user agreements can become especially helpful when there is a dispute between the website owner and a client. The user agreement should provide a blueprint of how to resolve claims between the signatories and third parties, if any. Whether the case involves bankruptcy, real estate, or intellectual property, a well-drafted user agreement may be the only thing protecting you from financial peril.

In addition to drafting user agreements, our Virginia Internet attorneys can provide:


  • Formation of entities (e.g., corporation, LLC, partnership)
  • Employment matters (e.g., independent contractors)
  • Business purchase and sales
  • Commercial torts/Civil litigation
  • Stock purchases and securities
  • Shareholder derivative suits
  • Non-competition covenants
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements
  • Residential and Commercial leases
  • Foreclosure and Bankruptcy


User agreements are essential to any business transaction, from employment, bankruptcy, and intellectual property rights to the purchase and sale of securities on the Internet. In each case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to avoid costly litigation is to protect your rights upfront through a contract which is considered a preventive measure. A skilled lawyer can be instrumental in drafting a written agreement that defends your interests and shields you from personal liability. Our reputable Virginia attorney knows how to clearly define your rights, defenses, and potential exposure to liability in sure agreements so you are not ambushed with mounting legal bills in the future. After thorough review and revision, the final contract should explain every term and condition so that nothing is left to interpretation. It should also protect vulnerable assets and be impenetrable to attack in adversarial proceedings.

If you need help with a user agreement, please consult with us by emailing: or calling 1-888-941-9933.