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Our attorneys focus only on UDRP domain name disputes and in rem Anticybersquatting Consumer Protectino Act (ACPA) cases.  We file ACPA actions in the Eastern District of Virginia where VeriSign in located.  The ACPA allows these disputes to be filed in Virginia against foreign registrants of any domain name, even when those registrants are not subject to jurisdiciton the US.  We handle legal matters incidental to our UDRP and ACPA cases, such as trademark filing, which may be necessary to effectively prosecute a UDRP or ACPA case.  It is very common for our cases to involve typosquatting, cybersquatting, personal names used as trademarks, chaning domain registration dates, and other similar issues.  Please click the links below for further information. 

ACPA Lawsuits     UDRP Domain Name Disputes     Cybersquatting
Most cybersquattrs and bad faith registrants of domain names are domociled outside the US where they believe they are immune to US laws and US jurisidction.  Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to identify them.  The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) provides that these individuals can be sued no matter where in the world they reside in the jurisdiction of the gTLD registry, which is in Alexandria, Virginia at VeriSign's headquarters. We focus on filing these actions for clients across the English-speaking world.  We typically charge a flat one time fee for the entire dispute.  We handle everything, and deal with the problem for you, usually quickly securing a court order mandating the domain name in dispute be transferred to our clients.      If another party is using a domain name to interfere with your business which is similar to your brand name or domain name, we can probably take this domain name from the party using it in a fast, forty (40) day UDRP proceeding.  We also have monitoring programs for monitoring new domain name filings which are similar to our clients' trademarks, and notifying you of problematic filings.  UDRP cases can be very complex, and it is unwise to hire an attorney to represent you in a UDRP who does not have extensive experience with them.     Cybersquatting, typosquatting, and trademark infringement are very common in the digital age, and abusive domain name registrations are increasing -- particularly in developing countries.  Our law practice is devoted to helping our client protect intellectual property rights online.  We can help you sort out what type of proceeding is best to resolve any cybersquatting problem you may be having online, including accidentally expired domain names, competitors making use of your brands in domain names, and former employees attempting to run competing businesses online.